About Us

Company Profile
MPK Global Corporate Training is a South African based globally operating research organization. We are unmatched Africa's business Management Communication Professionals and one of the most sought after registered research driven organization in Strategic business events, workshops, In-house, Corporate Conferences and training through various media forms. Since the inception and Foundation of the Company we have strongly continued developing business relationships in the area of our specialization through incorporation and integration with other business professionals both local and international.
As a South African based organization, we treasure and pride ourselves in producing unique services which are far beyond client’s expectation hence incorporating and learning with other business whose values are similar with ours and consistently pushing the boundaries of innovative world class seminars, workshops, in-houses and Conferences.
From the inception of business, MPK Global training Corporate has discovered quite a number of new partnership businesses initiatives within the continent and it's ethos is to dedicate in sharing the common values to enhance the revival of the African Continent.
Strategic Affiliates
MPK Global training Corporate is seeking to partner with well renowned associates both local and international through media and any other intermediary forms through their well experienced staff to report on our events as well as expanding the marketing.
Our Mission
To contribute effectively to the economical growth by creating a business platform for our partners, Stakeholders as we well as our Clients through interaction and learning.
Our Vision
We aim in creating an enabling environment in which the science of business is simplified by bringing well-researched, unmatched current and relevant Events, workshops Seminars and Conferences Conducted by experts in specific fields.
Our Commitment
Our commitments are based on:
  • Supporting client's vision and mission objectives as well as providing measurable accountability ratio analysis for their on-going business.​
  • ​​Providing clients with unmatched and memorable conferences, seminars and summits which exceeds thier expectations​
  • Striving in providing quality products and services demanded by our clients through their perception 
  • Creating unique and positive contribution to the success of our clients through the delivery of our research and strategic information within the scope
  • ​​Maintain strong business relationships with clients and other stakeholders whose vision is to uplift the business to the higher level through mutual relationship and sharing common values.